From Infertility To Twins

From Infertility To Twins


The journey from infertility to holding a baby in your arms is a long winding road full of unexpected turns and sharp corners. But, nothing compares to having your baby curl up their tiny fingers around yours. If you feel like you are having trouble conceiving, go see any of the talented IVF doctors in Guwahati.

Table of contents:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Starting the fertility treatment
  3. Taking the pregnancy test

This particular journey is divided into three phases. They are listed down as follows.


There are many factors that contribute to fertility or infertility. Both You and your partner should get tested. Getting tested and getting a proper diagnosis is crucial as it helps you narrow down the causes and helps you detect the cause of our infertility.

This is the first step in your treatment plan. Do not fret whatever the reason for your infertility may be; there is always a solution for it. Your diagnosis decides the course of your treatment. The most common ones are IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Starting the fertility treatment

If you end up deciding on an IVF treatment, here is an outline of what you can expect.

First you will be injected with hormones to stimulate your ovaries to produce healthy and higher quantity of eggs. Then, you will be called back for the harvest of the eggs. There might be a little discomfort during the process. The sperm from the male partner is also collected and stored.

The eggs are then fertilized in a laboratory by fertility technicians and the developing embryos are observed for at least 6 days. The embryos are then transferred back to the uterus.

Taking the pregnancy test

Patience is key when it comes to a fertility treatment. Because it is never an overnight process and might a while for the implantation to occur and you can notice the first signs of pregnancy.

Most IVF doctors in Guwahati suggest waiting 2 weeks to take the pregnancy test. If your results are positive then Congratulations, you have a baby on the way. If not, then that's okay as sometimes it is normal to take a few cycles for the treatment to work.

The hormones stimulating the ovaries cause a larger number of eggs to be produced. Because of this, sometimes more than one egg may be fertilized or the single egg may split into two. This is the reason why the birth of twins is very common in case of an IVF treatment.

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