IVF Doctors in Guwahati

Infertility is some things nobody would want for. But it does affect an honest chunk of the population across the world. It affects approximately 15% of the partners worldwide. This percentage amounts to 48.5% of the partners. About 50% of the cases of infertility are due to issues with women, 20-30% due to men, and therefore the rest 20-30% due to both the genders. If the proper treatment is provided then one can always have a healthy baby. It is often made possible by IVF method i.e. In-Vitro Fertilization by the best IVF doctors in Guwahati.

IVF Doctors in Guwahati

When do you have to visit the doctor?

When the couple feels that they're unable to conceive despite all struggles then they ought to visit an infertility clinic. The foremost common thanks to interpreting a drag with conceiving is that if the partners are unable to conceive within a year. The IVF doctors in Guwahati will first and foremost perform fertility tests.

Different sorts of Fertility Tests for Men and ladies

Tests for men are as follows:

Semen Analysis:During this, the sperm is tested to seek out if it's healthy enough

Retrograde Ejaculation:This is often tested by completing the urine test

Vasography: In it, a specialized x-ray is employed to see for any blockage within the male genital system.

Ultrasound of the scrotum and therefore the seminal vesicles.

Tests for ladies are as follows:

Check up for any Sexually Transmitted Disease

Ultrasound: To see the dimensions of the uterus, the thickness of its lining, cysts, and fibroids which may cause infertility

Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG: This is often conducted to look at the form of the uterus and for any blockage within the fallopian tubes.

Sonohysterogram:During this, a sterile liquid is placed inside the uterus. After injecting the liquid, the uterus and its walls are examined.

What after the fertility test?

After successfully getting the tests done, the IVF doctors in Guwahatiwill suggest proper treatment. they're going to confirm that by the treatment, the probabilities of getting pregnant are increased.

What is the procedure followed within the IVF technique?

procedure followed within the IVF technique

The procedure followed in IVF is indeed a posh one.

  • • First, the eggs are retrieved from the feminine follicles by the doctor.
  • • Second, the male sperm is placed inside the female’s vagina or the uterus through the method of AI.
  • • Third, successful fertilization results in the formation of a healthy embryo. Eventually, this embryo begins to grow.

IVF stands for In-Vitro Fertilization and it literally means ‘fertilization within the glass.’. It's a way which proved to be a boon for several partners around the world. this system includes a procedure which allows embryo implantation which thereby stimulates fertility. There are many surgical procedures by the best IVF specialist in Guwahatiand medicines which help to induce the sperm to fertilize it with the egg. Then the embryo is planted on the liner of the uterus of the lady.

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