A True Miracle At The Time Of Crisis

A True Miracle At The Time Of Crisis


IVF treatment over the years has given rise to many miracles in medical science history. One such miracle happened at Newlife Fertility Clinic. A highly renowned clinic known for its state-of-the-art facilities and best-in-class experienced doctors. Over the years the clinic has produced impeccable results related to IVF and other assisted reproductive procedures. But this time, the doctors practicing in this clinic for many years have gone a step ahead and produced something remarkable that is nothing short of a fairy tale.

A True Story of Grit and Determination

Parenthood is a feeling that every couple desires to achieve once in their lifetime. But there are some unfortunate ones who cannot achieve this dream due to certain medical conditions. This is also a story of a couple who had a fair share of struggle to achieve their dream of parenthood. After years of struggle, the couple decided to opt for any assisted reproductive treatment. They began their search for the best fertility clinic and found out that Newlife Fertility Clinic provides the best results for any assisted reproductive procedure. They immediately contacted the clinic and booked their appointment with Dr. Prasenjit Kr. Roy.

This was a difficult situation for any commute due to the Corona virus pandemic but still, the couple was adamant to meet Dr. Roy in the clinic. So, after many arrangements, they were able to reach the clinic on time. After a brief consultation and few tests, they opted for the IUI procedure first. After certain cycles, the procedure failed to produce the desired result. But still, the couple did not lose hope and decided to go for the IVF treatment procedure. This time Dr. Roy was strictly monitoring every cycle in the best way possible. The overall procedure was successful and everything went smoothly, now the patient has to visit the clinic for monitoring purposes.

    Recently the patient gave birth to a triplet; it was a moment of joy for us as we were successful to deliver not one but three beautiful babies (2 Boy, 1 girl) through our treatment procedure. The couple later thanked Dr. Prasenjit Kr Roy for bringing back the lost hope in their life.

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