Learn About IVF And Test Tube Baby Treatment

Learn About IVF And Test Tube Baby Treatment


Couples who are incapable to conceive a baby due to infertility problems get assistance with the test tube baby treatment procedure. Today with the help of medical science advancement, the process of embryos are fertilized in a glass container. Medically, both IVF and test tube baby processes are considered as same.

Test tube baby is a colloquial term used while the term IVF treatment cannot introduce to the commoners. Confusion arises in all of them as both of the treatments are different.  Henceforth, detailed knowledge is given below for you:

Test Tube Baby: About

The common term test tube baby or in the other name of in vitro fertilization is a medical process to bless an incapable couple with a baby. In this process, a woman’s egg is placed with a man’s sperm in a lab petri dish until it gets fertile. After fertilization, it is transformed into an embryo. The embryo is then planted in the woman’s womb and the gestation process is started.

Test Tube Baby: Conditions

IVF treatment is done for infertility or genetic disorder issues. Before choosing IVF a couple can try less interfering treatments such as improving egg production by medication, placing sperm into a woman’s ovary during the ovulation period, etc.

When a woman is beyond the age of 40 or has some fertility disease in that couple an IVF doctor suggests for test tube baby. The responsible complications include:

  • Blocked fallopian tube
  • Endometriosis disease
  • Uterine fibroid condition
  • Ovulation timing disorder
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Poor mobility or sperm
  • Genetic complication
  • Cancer treatment

Test Tube Baby: Treatment

Getting pregnant with the assistance of IVF treatment needs several steps to proceed. At first, your IVF doctor will ask you for a physical examination and after that, checks the USG report for the ovary and other reproductive organs’ condition. After discussing all the legal and emotional issues your test tube baby doctor will go through these five major steps over you:

Step – 1 Stimulation

Forasmuch as IVF requires many eggs your health professional suggests fertility drugs and lies you under medical observation with blood tests and USGS.

Step – 2 Egg Replenishment

This is a surgical process where a needle is put into a woman’s vagina and then ovary. From there egg follicle is removed from her body. The procedure is named follicular aspiration.

Step – 3 Insemination

Sperm from the semen sample here merged with eggs in a lab petri dish and keep it in a sterilized place for fertilization overnight.

Step – 4 Nurturing Embryos

In this process, the petri dish is put in a doctor’s laboratory and monitored it constantly either the eggs are increasing or separating. Here genetic testing is also done.

Step – 5 Implantation

Three to five days later embryos are large enough and it is placed in a woman’s ovary by catheter. The aftermath procedure of conceiving needs six to ten days.

Nowadays a huge number of babies are born with the assistance of test tube baby treatment. In most cases, a test tube baby is healthy.

However, in many cases due to being over the age of the mother or having poor sperm your test tube baby may be physically weak.

Thus, after taking the crucial decision of IVF treatment maintain your diet and take guidance from the best IVF doctors as well.

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