Handling Pregnancy after Infertility or Previous Loss

Handling Pregnancy after Infertility or Previous Loss


Infertility is not just a physical condition but also an emotional condition worth understanding. It is much more than just an ability to conceive. It is said to rock a women's foundation and her sense of control over her future. After a woman has suffered infertility, it could as well even impact her ability to conceive ever. It is unfortunate to not conceive while all others do, yet it can be controlled well. Let us discuss more on that. 

If a pregnancy finally occurs in the women, who have already experienced infertility, things can be slightly different. Though it was a long-awaited success, the feeling may still not be too joyous as she would have thought she would be. When someone has suffered a lot and has battled infertility, her previous loss brings fear that her body may be unable to conceive or may not be able to carry a pregnancy.

Many women have given an account of their feelings about her pregnancy after loss and it proved to be quite different than expected. The first few months of pregnancy seemed quite awkward to most women and some even complained of feeling unattached to the situation of pregnancy. This strange situation is also followed by morning sickness and fatigue.

Even after you have attained your pregnancy, some couples seem to be reluctant towards when and how to disclose this news to the people around them. This thought process is an outcome of the previous loss and it is advised to start disclosing the news to your best friends at first. It turns out that the situation becomes better as you start sharing about your pregnancy more frequently.  

Women who conceive after loss and fertility have a lot of things to fear and overcome. After suffering a loss, there are always some emotional instances, which you must take care of. Let us discuss that in full details:

  • A Feeling of Not Belonging:

It becomes really difficult to adjust to the situation and to be able to find the right place. Some women feel like, they are not understood by other women sharing infertility and those who are still undergoing treatments.

  • Obsessing Over Symptoms of Miscarriage

It is never also true that once you have seen the worst, it is pretty hard to take it out of your head, completely. It is really hard to forget everything but it is definitely not impossible. Every new beginning needs a sunset and an end.

  • Vulnerable and Fragile

It has been found out that a woman who becomes pregnant after an infertile session tends to be quite fragile and vulnerable regarding their pregnancy. They feel like they need even more frequent ultrasounds and procedures, to ensure that their baby is perfectly okay.

  • Acknowledging a Pregnancy

Women are often hesitant and even cautious to develop a silent relationship with their baby inside them. It seems to stay with them until they have reached the week that their previous miscarriage had occurred. You must understand that it was a bad situation and isn't a bad life.

  • Emotional Battles with Self

Some battles really have to be fought alone and this is definitely one of them. The emotional effects of infertility are much-awaited news but it can also be a joyless experience for some. There is always a cloud of doom and gloom which you must overcome and fight.

The traumatic situation of miscarriage is often less understood and so it is feared. It is scientifically proved that Miscarriage is usually a one-time occurrence. Most women who miscarry do move on in life and go on to have healthy pregnancies. A small number of women may undergo multiple miscarriages.

The predicted risk of miscarriage in a future pregnancy remains about 20 percent after one miscarriage. After two consecutive miscarriage, the risk of another miscarriage increases to about 28 percent, and after three or more consecutive miscarriages the risk of another miscarriage is about 43 percent.

Education and awareness about the various conditions and situations with regards to pregnancy and miscarriage must be provided. Sometimes it's just a bad day and not a bad life. Infertile women need to be gently reminded that it is important, for the sake of their babies, to look ahead. They may even need guidelines so as to prioritize and break down the task. For example, they can let themselves off the hook when it comes to baby clothes and crib sets they want, but they should definitely learn how to feed and settle their baby in some detail, as much as they can before time.

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