The Right Time To Take Test Tube Baby

The Right Time To Take Test Tube Baby


Your contribution towards the mission is the main concern while preparing for this journey towards attaining fertility. The right can be calculated by considering some of the important factors like the age of the couple, the number of time they fail in the journey, weight, timing and frequency of intimating, lifestyle, and previous records. Each of these factors will determine the success rate but the age of the woman is one of the most important part in making the journey possible. You can visit the test tube baby centre in Siliguri for gathering more information about the fertility cycle with the chance of achieving success.

Survey reveals that possibility to boost fertility will start decreasing after the age of 35 and it is better to consult with a fertility specialist to improve the body function with efforts of making positive changes in the lifestyle of both male and female.

Procedures Involved in the Treatment Of Test Tube Baby


Before you prepare yourself for the treatment you should know more about the treatment procedure where the specialist goes through a blood test and check the hormonal balance. If needed the woman is prescribed for fertility drugs depending on the body condition. Even the male partner needs to undergo for sperm test where the motility rate of the sperm is examined and if the result shows that the sperm count is lower than a donor is introduced to make the process successful. Moreover, the woman partner will go through a long journey and met with several tests and observation.

Every month a woman produce eggs in the uterus and the body gets get for the fertility process. Test tube baby centre in Siliguri observe those eggs by getting closer and once they found the mature eggs the next level of treatment allow them to remove those eggs outside the body for further treatment. The matured eggs are either kept in the laboratory for many days till the time they found the best sperm or else mix the sperm taken from the male partner for an effective outcome. 

Once the embryo is developed from the process and transferred successfully into the uterus of the woman pregnancy happen. The long and complex journey of taking a test tube baby is become easy and simple by the effective support measured by test tube baby centre in Siliguri . The early you start the better you can manage the situation instead of welcoming any risk factor.   

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