What Are The Risks Associated With IVF?

What Are The Risks Associated With IVF?


Through the process of sperm and oocyte fertilization outside of the woman's body, a zygote is created using in vitro fertilization (IVF), an assisted reproduction procedure that allows the zygote to grow under closely monitored circumstances until it becomes an embryo.

Subsequently, it is inserted into the uterus via the Fallopian tubes or, in a more recent development, through the vagina. An embryo becomes pregnant if it implants. A successful IVF cycle occurs if the pregnancy leads to the delivery of a live child that can survive outside of the mother's body.

Advances in reproductive parameter understanding and modern technology are contributing to higher success rates for IVF-achieved pregnancies and live births. However, the treatment has hazards. Consult with the best IVF doctors in Guwahati if you want to avoid the risk of IVF.

Syndrome Of Ovarian Hyperstimulation

IVF seldom results in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). It occurs in women who are very sensitive to the reproductive drugs used to boost ovulation. The ovaries enlarge and become painful when an excessive number of eggs grow in them. OHSS often appears a week after egg harvesting.

Transfer Of Embryos

Typically, many embryos are implanted into the uterus of the IVF patient in order to increase the likelihood of a viable pregnancy. Placing more than two embryos into the uterus increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies, which is reported to occur in almost half of pregnancies generated by IVF, even if this is helpful in reducing many recurrent rounds.

Pregnancy with multiples raises the danger to the mother and child. Preterm labour, difficult delivery, hydramnios, and pregnancy-induced hypertension are among the risks that the mother faces. Furthermore, there is a chance that the baby may have congenital deformities, be born prematurely, have low birth weight, or need extensive neonatal care.

Dangers For Older Women

The success rate of IVF therapy decreases with age. Furthermore, as a woman ages, her chance of miscarriage and birth abnormalities rises.

Numerous Births

There is a higher likelihood of having twins or triplets if more than one embryo is implanted in the womb during IVF therapy. Although having more than one child may not seem like a terrible thing, you and your children are at a much higher risk of difficulties.

IVF-conceived infants are also likely to be smaller at birth and have higher blood pressure and fasting blood sugar than naturally conceived offspring. Preterm delivery is often a risk factor for even singletons delivered via IVF. Your IVF doctors in Guwahati will discuss the heightened risks associated with ageing and be available to address questions you may have.

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