Why and when do you need Test Tube Baby Treatment?

Why and When Do You Need Test Tube Baby Treatment?


Dreams can be achieved through the advancement of science as every couple is excepting to be parents. Infertility rate is increasing with the passing of time and there are so many reasons behind infertility like hormonal issues, structural issues, poor diet, stress, and so on. Infertility may happen with men and women. So, are you facing issues in conceiving? Is it creating a problem in your personal life?

If so, then take the opportunity of Test tube baby treatment which is basically known as IVF that means In Vitro Fertilization. You might not feel comfortable to discuss such issues but to find the solution to your problem you must gather knowledge about the need for a test-tube baby. There is nothing wrong with it. You will enjoy the feeling of becoming a parent by gathering more information about the process incurred by this treatment. Lets look forward to getting a better view of this treatment that completely changes your life by welcoming a new life.

What is Test Tube Baby Treatment?

In the natural process, the sperm penetrates inside the womans vaginal where the matured egg starts fertilizing inside the body and pregnancy happens but when the issues arise with infertility in man or woman or in both the couples you need to go with fertility treatment. The process begins with medication for two to three weeks in order to suppress the natural menstrual cycle in a woman.

Test Tube Baby Treatment

When the eggs become mature and ready for the fertilization process then the doctors remove the eggs through a minor surgery called 'egg retrieval'. At least 15 eggs are collected by inserting a thin needle inside the ovary through sucking. Then the specialist keeps the eggs in a glass tube in an environmentally controlled chamber and gets mixed with sperm (taken from fertile father or a donor).

After observing the process for a few weeks, one or two of the best embryos are selected for transfer. In the process of 'Embryo transfer' more than one embryo is placed in the womb. Embryos enter the womb through the vagina and when any one of the embryos get stick to the lining of the womb, a healthy and successful pregnancy happens through 'test-tube baby treatment'.

Why and when you need Test Tube Baby Treatment?

The need is yours and the requirement for making a baby is a natural tendency of every human and even animals. You are a civilized creature and you are privileged to make it happen even after meeting an issue. The world is aware of 'test tube baby treatment' before 41 years and if you are still thinking about the consequences of this treatment then you must be doing any mistake. You will make your baby just any other couple, only the procedure will slightly differ from any other normal couple. 

Some of the reasons behind the need for Test Tube Baby Treatment:

  • Infection occurs or the tube gets blocked due to removal for ectopic pregnancy.
  • When multiple follicles develop with the given stimulation protocol.
  • Even after effective development and timely rupture of follicles, the couple does not conceive even after 6-8 cycles of IUI or similar treatments that assure pregnancy.
  • Women with decreased ovarian reserve commonly require test tube babies.
  • Age is a factor and woman after 38 years faces the problem that can be solved through test tube baby treatment.
  • 10% of couples suffer from infertility without any detectable reason.

Finally, the treatment of test tube baby comes with lots of emotional phases. It can be managed by keeping the confidence and willing power within both the couples. Mental stability and positive support help the treatment in terms of getting success.

The need is always there to give and receive unconditional love from your baby. The baby will add meaning to your life and through test tube baby treatment you too can meet your expectations.

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