7 Effective Lifestyle Modifications to Improve Male Fertility

7 Effective Lifestyle Modifications to Improve Male Fertility


Infertility is a common phenomenon affecting thousands of people irrespective of their gender. Male infertility is becoming more highlighted in contemporary society due to the rapid increase of IVF treatments. Search for IVF centre near me to deal with your issue. Male infertility can lead to various emotional and psychological conditions such as grief, depression, anxiety, etc. This condition can be caused by various factors like lifestyle choices, low sperm count, low quality of sperm and some chronic diseases.

Infertility in men can cause certain symptoms such as lump or pain in the testicles, reduced sex drive, low sperm count, etc. Male infertility can also be associated with low testosterone production. It is important to have consultation with an infertility specialist, just type the best IVF centre in Siliguri and get answers to all your questions and remedies to your problems. Several lifestyle changes can help improve male fertility if followed rigorously and religiously.

Tips for the Improvement of Male Fertility

  • Have a proper BMI- Obesity is often associated with male infertility. Studies have shown that obesity leads to a lot of health conditions which also include infertility. It is therefore important to stay fit, watch what you’re eating or have a balanced diet, do regular exercise and stay hydrated. Add fruit, nuts, herbs and beans to your diet. Limit the intake of fast food or junk. Maintaining a proper weight can increase the sperm count.
  •  Quit Smoking- Regular smoking can lead to not only cancer but infertility and impotency as well. Smoking can lead to bad quality and low sperm count. You can try different measures to quit the habit of smoking and lead a normal life.
  •  Limit the consumption of Alcohol- Alcoholism can be another factor that leads to male sterility. Regular consumption of alcohol can lead to testosterone deficiency, an increase in oestrogen production and a decrease in sperm count. As the increase in the consumption of alcohol increases, there will be a decrease in semen production, sperm motility and sperm morphology. It is hence important to cut down on alcohol intake.
  • Manage your stress- Stress management is an important task but not an impossible one. Try to reduce your stress by indulging in activities that you like and organising your daily routine. Cortisol level rises when the stress is prolonged which negatively impacts the testosterone. You can manage stress by indulging in several activities such as reading your favourite book, walking in a park, listening to music and many other things that you like.
  • Get enough of Vitamin D- Vitamin D is a crucial supplement to boost the levels of testosterone. It is a nutrient that is beneficial for better sperm count. Take vitamin D supplements and increase your chance of improving the motility of the sperm.
  • Consume Fenugreek supplements- Fenugreek supplements have a lot of herbal and beneficial properties to help reduce the fat from the body while boosting the levels of testosterone and increase strength. Use fenugreek extracts or supplements to notice any changes in your condition. It is a safe element to consume as it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Avoid getting STIs- Sexually transmitted diseases can also lead to a lot of infertility issues in males. Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia can lead to male infertility. Having multiple sexual partners can risk the factor to get sexually transmitted diseases. However, you can prevent that by using preventive measures like using condoms or staying in a monogamous relationship.

Male infertility has several causes that result in low sperm count and a decline in the levels of testosterone as well as sperm morphology. Several lifestyle changes can result in the improvement of male fertility. Create a discipline that includes regular exercise to keep you fit and healthy, eat a balanced diet, have a proper sleep schedule, and add important supplements that will boost your sperm production and manage your stress. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants which can help in the increase of the levels of testosterone while keeping you healthy.

There are several cases where male infertility is not detected. It is however a wise decision that both the partners who have been trying to have a baby visit a fertility specialist and do a proper diagnosis. Search IVF centre near me and book your slot for consultation. Various measures are there in this modern technology and scientific advancements that help with male infertility.

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