Do You Require IVF Treatment? Visit Your Best IVF Centre Today!

Do You Require IVF Treatment? Visit Your Best IVF Centre Today!


IVF or in-vitro fertilization is an effective reproductive technology that helps women to get pregnant successfully. This process involves egg fertilization, outside the body and then implanted in a woman’s uterus. Every year many babies are born through assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Many couples, who are unable to achieve their parenthood in a normal way, can visit the best IVF centre in India and fulfill their dream. The very first step is to consult with an IVF specialist to receive a proper diagnosis of your infertility.

In the case of a normal pregnancy generally, a male sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg inside her body, and after matures, the fertilized egg starts developing into a baby. In case, if natural conception is not possible then fertility treatment is needed. As a general, you’ve required the IVF Treatment if you have the following issues such as:

  •     Blockage In Fallopian Tube
  •     Endometriosis
  •     Ovulation Disorders
  •     Uterine Fibroids
  •     Previous Tubal Sterilization
  •     Poor Sperm Production
  •     Unexplained Infertility
  •     Unexplained Infertility
  •     Fertility Preservation for Cancer
  •     Other Health Conditions

Infertility among women is common and is caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid problems, premature ovarian failure, pelvic surgery, cervical surgery, Endometriosis, cervical mucus problems, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and even taking some kinds of medicines and drugs. Some possible side effects involve in IVF such as:

  •     Difficulty in Breathing
  •     Hot Flashes
  •     Irritability
  •     Difficulty in Sleeping
  •     Abdominal Pain
  •     Nausea and Vomiting
  •     Enlargement of the Ovaries

On the other hand, male infertility is caused by many reasons such as low sperm count, abnormal sperm, testicular surgery, testicular cancer, testicles infections, sterilization, ejaculation disorders, hypogonadism, and also by taking some drugs and medicines. Before starting a cycle of IVF you and your partner need various screening that includes:

  •     Uterine Exam
  •     Semen Analysis
  •     Mock Embryo Transfer
  •     Ovarian Reserve Testing
  •     Infectious Disease Screening

Each cycle can take more than 3 weeks.

1) Ovarian Stimulation

During the start of IVF treatment, you require multiple eggs which will be produced by synthetic hormones as few eggs are unable to fertilize or may develop after fertilization.

Proper medications are required for ovarian stimulation, oocyte maturation, to prevent premature ovulation, and also to prepare the lining of your uterus. It is determined by the doctors.

2) Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval can be done between 34 to 36 hours before ovulation after the final injection. Here, you will be given pain medication and after this process, you may experience cramping or pressure.

3) Sperm Retrieval

This process is used to get sperm for fertility purposes. Sometimes, if required for the surgical procedure, the doctor can extract sperm directly from the testicle. Any donor sperm can also be used and are separated from the semen fluid.

4) Fertilization

During this process, IVF specialists check the healthy sperm and mature eggs and then injected healthy sperm into each mature egg to fertilize.

5) Embryo Transfer

This takes place generally two to five days after egg retrieval. Usually, this process is painless. An embryo will implant in the lining of the uterus after egg retrieval.

Test tube baby and IVF are considered the same process. Test tube baby is being conceived in a laboratory through the scientific process of IVF.

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