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Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction that involves a form of third-party reproduction. In this method intended parents rely on an agreed gestational surrogate woman to achieve their parenthood. The surrogate mother carries a pregnancy for the intended parent(s) who cannot conceive on their own. The consent surrogate mother will carry and care for the baby until birth.

Gestational Surrogate defines a woman who carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a child for intended parents only under some legal conditions. After childbirth, the child is handed over to the parents without any complications. There is no genetic relationship between the surrogate and the child. Surrogacy requires the use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). If your doctor is suggesting you a surrogacy, then may rely on one of the best centres for surrogacy in Siliguri, Newlife Fertility Centre.

Our Specialties In Surrogacy:

  • Proficient Process With Proper Legal Procedures
  • Egg And Sperms Selection Without Genetic Errors
  • Secured In Vitro Fertilization
  • Safe Embryo Implantation
  • Healthy Surrogate
  • Proper Monitoring Throughout The Pregnancy Period
  • Helps To Maintain A Healthy Relation Between Intended Parents And Surrogate
  • Experienced Doctors And Advanced Medical Team And Technology
Surrogacy in Siliguri

The surrogacy process is a complex series of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), and availing of this technology with an experienced agency like Newlife Fertility Centre helps you to navigate the happiness of parenthood and provides support when you need it most.

A General Overview Of Surrogacy:

  • Application For Surrogacy (Intended Parents And Surrogate)
  • Meet All Legal Requirements
  • Surrogate And Parent Counseling
  • Medical Screenings
  • Surrogate Medications
  • Embryo Implantation
  • Confirmation Of Pregnancy
  • Monitoring During Pregnancy
  • Delivery Day And Beyond

The costs of surrogacy depend on several factors. All necessary medical and surrogate living expenses and compensation come under this budget. With a secured surrogacy process within an affordable budget, Newlife Fertility Centre is serving their expertise of surrogacy in Siliguri.

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