Sperm Sorter

Sperm Sorter: Analyzing Sperm with Microscopic Techniques

Sperm sorter is a new advancement in the medical field that includes using a chip to classify healthy sperm cells out of the group of sperm to ensure a successful fertilization process. This technology includes a pathway of various stages where only healthy sperm can pass through separating from the non-viable sperm. This reduces the risk of frequent miscarriages and increases the chances of live births.

What is a Sperm Sorter?

A sperm sorter is a chip-like device that is incorporated by IVF centres to extract the best possible sperm from the sample to progress in the fertilization procedure. The device contains a fertilization solution along with a membrane with multiple pores that mimic the environment of the cervix and egg. This allows only the healthy sperm to pass through in the incubation process allowing health care providers to extract the best possible sperm for fertilization. This process helps to leave out all the abnormal sperm cells resulting in better fertilization of the eggs.

Why choose Sperm Sorter?

Although there are various other methods of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which help to fertilize the eggs by inserting them into the eggs, there have been cases of failed pregnancy due to poor quality of sperm. Therefore sperm sorter can be handy as the process of classification allows only the healthy and perfectly shaped sperm to overcome those pathways which helps healthcare providers to insert the best possible sperm cells leading towards better chances of conceiving. Unlike other methods which include injecting and using centrifugal techniques, the sperm sorter allows sperm to separate in a natural way while conserving the DNA of the sperm.

Benefits of Sperm Sorting

i. Reduced immunological disorders: The sperm sorting process allows the separating of all the seminal fluids which may have caused certain reactions in the fertilization process.

ii. Selection of healthy sperm: The process helps to determine the best sperm with good motility, shape and better movement.

iii. Higher success rates: These healthy sperm increases the chances of successful fertilization while reducing the chances of a failed pregnancy.

iv. Reduced DNA damage: the process is an invasive way of sorting the sperm which helps to keep the DNA intact with minimal to no damage.

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